About Paan King

Welcome to the world of Paan King.
We are the No 1. Retail chain of Real taste of Paan. We started with the aim to provide fresh, tasty, delicious, hygienic, healthy, and safest products to customers who are looking for something better than others in the market.

Some common ingredients used in Paan are,

What we do

Our services

We are completely Tobacco and Nicotine Free “India’s No. 1 Retail chain of Paan King”, which serves Traditional, Authentic, and Modern PAANs and Other Paan products. All are made with the highest quality, in-season pure ingredients.
We are specializing in producing handmade PAANS, Paan Beverages, and Other Products.


How we produce our Paan

Making Paan is a complex and unique process and We are specializing in producing Handcrafted artisan PAANS

We fell in Love with PAAN as much as Loved serving it to people. We see PAAN KING as a way to build the community; as such, we see it a way to care for people through making a Beautiful place for Families in neighborhood spaces.