Nowadays, there are many kinds of unique pans available, like chocolate pans, silver pans, laddu pans, and a lot more. But the feel that saada and meetha paan give is unmatchable, as they are very old and authentic too. Paan is eaten by many Indians, especially after every meal. However, there are many derivations of paan, but today we will talk about the most basic one and how to make it. Paan may contain tobacco, may not contain it, or maybe sweet.

Required ingredients to make a saada (basic) paan:

  • Betel leaf or paan patta
  • A paste of lime stone powder and water. (chunna)
  • A paste of catechu and water. (kattha)
  • A mixture of sugar powder, rose leaves, perfume, menthol, and red food color.
  • Betel nuts, preferably diced.
  • Grated saffron betel nut.

Steps to make paan:

  • Take a washed and dampened betel leaf and apply a small amount of chunna on it with the help of the back of a spoon or a stick.
  • Apply kattha in the same way onto the leaf as you applied chunna.
  • Sprinkle some sweet powder mixture, which you made on the leaf according to your taste or preference, on it.
  • You can also apply heera panna, a honey-like substance, onto one side of the leaf.
  • Using your finger, mix all the materials on the leaf by moving your fingers in a circular manner.
  • Add supari or betel nuts to the center of the leaf.
  • Add finely chopped khajoor, if you like.
  • According to your taste, you can also add silverware, etc.
  • Now finally, fold the paan with the apex away from you and lift the bottom right corner to cover the center. Fold the top, twist, and tuck; you will get something like an isosceles triangle.
  • Enjoy eating your pancake; it tastes best when you take a big, gigantic bite.

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