A traditional delicacy that’s always been a must-have as an after-meal for adults and elders, people enjoy the sweetness and freshness. At Paan King, the kids won’t be left out of this tasteful delicacy with flavor just created as per their taste palette. Using the authentic and finest ingredients that won’t cause any harm to the kids or anyone else. We have just a scrumptious range of Paans flavors created with the innovative idea that would be appetizing for kids. In this blog, we will be looking at the list of delicious Paan treats with delightful ingredients. 

Let’s have a look at Paan treats created with innovative ideas.

1. Oreo Paan

Every kid loves the sweetness of chocolate that Oreo has, Paan King has the flavor of Oreo infused with Paan. This treat is as scrumptious to have a bite as it sounds. Made a number of paan mixtures with Oreo cream and biscuits. A mouthwatering treat that you must have.

2. Strawberry Paan

We all know how tasty strawberries are, everyone loves them so Paan King created a heavenly taste of strawberry mixed with Paan. Kids would take a bite and will ask for more. It is that delicious. Little ones also should taste the traditional delicacy that our culture has in a healthy and safe way.

3. Pineapple Paan 

A Paan treat that will swoon up every kid’s heart with the tangy flavor and goodness. Not only does it taste so delicious but it also acts as an anti-inflammatory. A treat that’s sweet and tangy is a treat that every kid would just love to have as a dessert or after a meal. 

4. Blueberry Paan

Using fresh and authentic blueberries with betel leaf and Paan masala would make the kid feel refreshed. Blueberries are very great to feed to your child as they improve brain function and reduce oxidation. A treat that’s sweet and flavor with the goodness of health benefits as well. 

5. Ladoo Paan

Sweet and scrumptious Ladoo Paan is something that goes with any occasion. It’s made with a mix of nuts, coconut, and paan leaves that are coated with sweet and tangy gulkand glaze. The perfect way to make a kid smile with true joy is something like this Ladoo Paan. 


At Paan King, you will just find the perfect after-meal for kids. Innovations that are unique and scrumptious are what Paan King does so that no one will be left out of a delicacy. These are not the only goodness we have but just come from a vast variety we create. A family cafe that offers Paan treats for everyone as we have the best Silver Paan, Kesar Paan, and many more for adults. To get a view of our vast collection visit our website www.paanking.com 

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